So now we know why Gabrielle, who admitted to Brooke that she didn’t care what Sabrina was doing with whom, called this meeting.  She needed to be sure that Sabrina understood ‘the situation.’  And just like her talk with Brooke, Gabrielle wants Sabrina to think of her as her ‘friend.’ Gabrielle is a friendly boss.

Vincent doesn’t seem to comprehend the situation fully.  Conversely, Michael looks awfully guilty.

And Sabrina, trying to maintain the stiff upper lip, though after everything she’s just been through, you can’t blame her for wanting to bail.  AND she’s got that TV Tournament thingie to look forward to on the next Monday Night Meltdown (this being a Saturday).  Oh yeah, and a certain ‘talk’ with the other blond roommate of hers.  In the ring or out of the ring, it’s just not getting any easier for Sabrina.