Sabrina’s got no clue why she’s seeing Commissioner Reni on a Saturday morning but she’s figuring it can’t be good.  There’s a few good reasons that she’s thinking is the reason for why she’s there.  Reprimand for the match against the Towers of Terror and Brooke’s wardrobe malfunction.  Or it could be that management isn’t happy with Sabrina’s work and sending her back to Developmental?  Okay, that one is kind of a stretch, but not outside of the realm of possibility.  If nothing else, it shows the fear that these wrestlers have of being sent away from the big time.  Of course, maybe Sabrina’s just being paranoid and maybe its good news for her!  Maybe.

One thing is for sure, Sabrina’s not interested in Michael, though he’s certainly got a certain swagger about him, some confidence.  Or maybe some really strong cologne. XD