What a sinister shot Brooke took! She got rocked so hard, she lost her top.  Of course, how hard that actually was is debatable, but Brooke’s in la-la land.

So Brooke lost her top!!  Did we have a pool running on when that would happen?  You can all thank Dan for coming up with that.  Go ahead, its always nice to read encouragement. XD

Ack, poor Sabrina taking the chairshot to the skull.  The Towers of Terror really know how to use them steel chairs.  Lola’s going for the pin, the ref is lost in the sight of Brooke’s cleavage and Brooke’s flat on her back.  This is looking very bad for our Upstart Girls.  This might be the end of the match and the end of Brooke in Rival Angels.  Could it be?

EDIT: Well a minor one….I edited a couple of the sound effects on this page.  😀