Good managing skills by Johann, or sneaky anyways.  Not only did he occupy the rep, occupy Sabrina, but also handed off a steel chair to a top rope standing Lola.  This could be very bad for Brooke.  She’s struggling just as hard as her top is and that’s saying something.

The ref, man…just the attention span of a five year old at a Chuck E Cheese.  And yeah, there are some referee’s that are easily distracted.  Normally they don’t last too long.  Sabrina’s just chomping at the bit to get in, but the fact that Brooke is in no-man’s-land and the ref cutting her off, that just aint happening anytime soon.

NEW VOTING INCENTIVE.  Be sure to check out the the new picture of the Definition of Technician by Robaato!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, twas a merry old time.  It was real, it was fun, it was real fun. 🙂