Heh, Johann the Voodoo Potentate of Doom cracks me up. A bathrobe and shower shoes, what’s not to love?  And he’s the first manager we’ve seen so far.  Far less jovial are Zombie Luna and Lover Lola .  They’re definitely all business and looking to put a hurting on the blond variation of the Upstart girls.

This was the first time I got to do an entrance like this, and I think it came off pretty well.  And I’m happy to admit that the little bit of Terrors jumbotron was created by me, no lifting pics and running through filters (which I’m not above doing) but all me.

Brooke’s looking kind of worried though despite Sabrina’s reassurances and remember that Brooke needs a win in this match to keep her job.  Its not out of the realm of possibility that Brooke wants Sabrina to soften up, i.e. tire the Terrors out by getting the crap beat out of her and picking the bones afterwards.  That’s way too cynical of a thought, right?

And for the theme to the Terror’s music, you’ll find it at least apropos:

First we have super cool, my main man fifty grand, Jamie with the very sweet pic of Schoolgirl Sara Valentine in just about every fanboy’s first sci-fi geek crash with girls.
Second, we have the Upstarts dressed in costume chatting with a few characters from the Dreamer. Go vote to see it, and to break it down:
Krystin is dressed as Diamond from The Elevator .
Brooke is dressed as super cute alien chick from Surfboards and Rayguns (her name is still a mystery!)
Sun is dressed as Zombie combat Lia from Salt the Holly .
Sabrina is dressed up as Bea from The Dreamer and Bea is dressed as Sabrina.  Alan’s just Alan, because the name is just too cool to screw with. 😛 AND, I know some of the readers here are Dreamer readers too, so its all good.  I highly recommend you all check out the goodness that these webcomics have to offer.

EDIT: Buzzcomix voting button is all jacked at the moment so the two Voting Incentives have been combined so you don’t miss any of the Halloween goodness.  Thanks again Jamie!

MORE EDIT: Lora’s got the awesomely cool Halloween webcomic character picture up, you can check it out here. Be sure to tell her how awesome it is!  AND its wallpaper size already and you know you want to make this your wallpaper. 🙂

Lora's awesome halloween picture