This update is all about Sun and her showing her dominance in the ring.  She’s trying to use every bit of the ring as well as exploiting any weaknesses of her opponent.  That being said, Schoolgirl Valentine could still make a comeback and show the rookie upstart a thing or two.  Or maybe Sun makes Sara reconsider the importance of strategy over how cute her outfit is.  What do you think?

In panel 4, is it obvious that the stars around Sara’s knee indicated pain and discomfort?  If not, I’ll keep trying to find a visual way to convey that.

More to come of this match either way next update!

Don’t forget to check out the new Hell’s Belles wallpaper that you can download from the EXTRAS page.

And to check out that crazy wicked move in panel 5, the Shining Wizard, another youtube link and another five seconds.