The Lil Dragon Sun Wong vs Sassy Schoolgirl Sara Valentine is under way!  If this match were decided on points, I’d say that Sun’s up by a few.  Last match, Krystin and Brooke were caught unprepared which lead to their fall.  Here, it seems that the experienced vet Sara Valentine got caught off guard either by overconfidence or lack of faith in Sun’s ability.

A poke in the eye to start the match is a good way to get a leg up.  Sun still seems to have her fans despite her occasional breakage of the rules.  What do you think?  Are you still behind Sun or are you expecting ‘more’ out of her?

And in case you’d like to see that bad ass kick in panel 2, its all of 5 seconds on youtube:



EDIT: Don’t forget to check out the Voting Incentive, all the way from London, England, Bombshell Victoria Buckingham!  You’ll see more of her in the Television Tournament.