Ouch. Not such a great debut as a tag team for Krystin and Brooke.  Like Dawn (the commentator in gold) suggests, it might ‘ve been in their best interests to work out a better strategy than winging it.  In this instance, experience won out over size and power, and as they say, there’s no substitute for experience.  The Catgirls are wily veterans and proved it against an inexperienced team.  And in case you’re wondering, Brooke is the one that cried her surrender.

So where do Krystin and Brooke go from here?  They’ve yet to notch a victory in Rival Angels and that’s not a good thing when ratings, points and merchandising is considered.  We’ll be seeing more of Krystin and Brooke before the fight card is over.

Next update, Lil Dragon Sun Wong vs. Sassy Schoolgirl Sara Valentine and some of you have already predicted a big win for Sun.  Is it big love for Sun, or lack of confidence in Sara Valentine that would make you come to that conclusion?