Whooo! Brooke and Krystin are raring to go!  The Catgirls look like they’re eager to get the match going too.  Krystin’s comments are a play on wanting to talk strategy with Brooke last update, but got drenched instead.  Actually, I was inspired by a Steiner Brother interview from way back in the day back when Scott Steiner had long, natural color hair as opposed to what he’s sporting these days. So what do you think are Krystin and Brooke ready for The Catgirls?

Before the action gets going though, we’re going to check on another Upstart girl next update and a little bit of a lecture that she’s in store for.

The Hell’s Belles seem awfully confident, with two members in the Television Tournament of taking home the new gold. Curiously, Chloe is not in the tournament herself but we’ll find out why that is in time.  Last update, we found out that Kat was facing Monica Rumble but Jennifer has to wait until the end of the Sabrina/Loretta match to find out who she’ll be facing in the tournament.

Speaking of Miss Monica Rumble, the opponent for Kat Smith in the TV tournament is the new Voting Incentive, so if you’d like to see a new Rival Angel, go ahead and vote.  Hey, why not vote on each voting site, eh?!