One more time! A good laugh for our Upstart girls and its much needed because you never know when we’ll be able to see this again.

Sun and Sabrina are probably a bit crazy for jumping off the roof of their house into the pool for a laugh. If Sun and Sabrina tag together, this might be a precursor to a finishing move! 🙂 I was inspired by stories of the Hardy Boys along with Edge and Christian as they would leap from the third story of their motel room into snowbanks for fun. Loony if you ask me. 😉

As I was getting to before this may be the last time we see the Upstarts laughing about as come next update wrestling’s back! Krystin and Brooke vs The Catgirls! Sun vs Sassy Schoolgirl Valentine! Sabrina vs Loretta, winner gets into the TV tournament! AND the very first match of the Television tournament! I’m not saying who starts it off, but its one of the Hell’s Belles…

New Voting Incentive!  Get a sneak peak at Sun’s next opponent, the Sassy Schoolgirl Sara Valentine!