Happy Independence Day for all of the American readers!! I hope you have a marvelous weekend, filled with grilling, fun and good times. If you can take a pull on your favorite beverage in honor of our forefathers, go ahead and take that indulgence. 😉

Decisions, decisions, but it looks like Sabrina might be basing what she decides next on some earlier drama with Brooke. That probably won’t make for a smooth ride. And as Brooke eavesdrops on Sabrina and Vincent’s conversation, it doesn’t seem like she’s too keen on Sabrina right about now either.

So what do you make of Vincent’s explanation? On the up and up, or is he full of crap? And how smooth was he dropping the interest in Brooke? (Not very, I’m thinking.)

Looks like Vincent has his mind on Brooke and not getting his head kicked in. And as you can see, Sabrina changed into some pants (in lieu of a skirt) before threatening Vincent with a superkick. Smart girl. 😉

I tried a few new things with the coloring, so I hope its not too distracting or noticeable. And I actually made that halftone pattern in panel 3. *hurts arm patting myself on the back*

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