Wow, that got out of hand FAST. I know there’s some of you that probably think that Krystin should’ve hauled off on Sabrina. It would’ve been easy, Sabrina’s guard was down as she was apologizing. Krystin is the only Upstart girl to not react physically, plus by her last comment, she knows that Brooke is the shit starter here.  Now you might say, Sun hasn’t reacted physically yet, and that’s true, but there’s one more update to this bar scene before we move on.  Look for Sabrina’s consequences down the road, before the next fight card.

Lots of stuff on this page. Sun is in Brooke’s face ready quick to defend Sabrina but was a little TOO quick to avoid Brooke’s salvo. Or maybe Sabrina was too slow? Yeah, Sabrina lost it but do you think Sabrina reacted that way because of the drink in her face or the insult to Sun?  Brooke is just mean with her insults, eh? And honestly, what kind of move is throwing your drink in someone’s face anyways?  

Of course, we lost track of Sun and Brooke.