I hardly ever drive a car to work, I usually take the bus or ride my bike. One time I was on the bus and this wretched young lady came on the bus, talking to her friend about how she scared a bunch of kids by screaming GUN at the top of her lungs in a hallway. Its hard to have a sense of humor about that sort of thing.

Sabrina didn’t hold her tongue on that, and she *probably* should have considering how quickly it escalated from there. Luckily, the girl in the pink hair didn’t want any part of a brawl.

And how about Brooke. Is she right for chastising Sabrina? Or is Brooke scolding Sabrina for another reason? In any case, Brooke was over by Sabrina in a heartbeat to dole out her comments ready quick. Check out the look on both Sabrina and Brooke… they might just pick up where they left off from the Rookie Rumble!