If nothing else, Brooke is consistent.  Brooke’s got an interesting set of priorities.  She needs to win this match with Sabrina, but it looks like she’s still going to try and undermine Sabrina’s showing.  Anything to be on top, so to speak.

Ack, though it was strongly suggested to Brooke by the boss (Gabrielle) to clue Sabrina in on her referee-boyfriend, Brooke has chosen to keep Sabrina in the dark.  Probably hoping that Sabrina gets caught even after being ‘warned.’

This was actually bittersweet to write because Sabrina and Brooke seem to have a fun conversation, though we know that Brooke is being insincere.  And once again we see the trusting nature of Sabrina, the potential there is to backfire on her.

The end of chapter 6!  Next update, The Rival Angels Halloween Special! Our Upstart girls will be in costume for this match, but which costumes will they be wearing?  And if you’re looking to see who their opponents are next week, take a gander at the voting incentives, which by the way, does not go unappreciated.