And here comes Michael to the rescue!  He sort of tipped his hand a bit, didn’t he?  And it would almost seem that Gabrielle threw that bit in about Michael’s fiance on purpose.

Bottom line, Brooke has another chance!!  And now her fortune’s are tied to Sabrina’s success.  Will that be enough to change Brooke’s thinking?  Maybe Brooke will help her buddy, Sabrina out now? Like, ‘hey, you’re boyfriend’s a liar who’s actually a referee for the company you wrestle for.’

Now we know that Brooke and Sabrina have a tag match at the Rival Angels Halloween Special and you can bet that they’re tag opponents are suitably themed for the special.  In fact, I’ll give you a hint, both opponents are part of the Bonus Life Battle Royal and the list of those participants can be found on the TV Championship page.