Sabrina’s got a deep sense of optimism here, but don’t hold it against her, at least for not thinking the worst of her roommate and someone that has to her face, been a friend. We know differently, don’t we?

And now Brooke has Michael absolutely, hook, line and sinker . There’s no telling how far a girl like Brooke can go with the Assistant to the Commissioner under her thumb.

There was supposed to be some hints in panel 5 that Sun and Sabrina were walking by the very room that was occupied by Brooke and Michael, but I had to cover it up with my wordiness. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, in trying to get 8 panels AND some dialogue. More’s the pity!

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Fun little diddy here … Back on Page 103 , I placed my buddy Jamie of 67th Avenue in the audience as Sabrina.  On Page 115 , you’ll notice that he’s NOT in the audience anymore.  BUT to find out where he was and what he was doing, check out the Voting Incentive and see how it involves Sabrina. 🙂