Lots of mutual admiration going on here with Sun and Sabrina. Its kind of nice to see a few girls not trying to kill each other, eh? And now the search for Krystin and Brooke, though we haven’t seen them in a little bit, or we’ve seen more of Brooke than normal.

And check out Loretta! Possibly looking to bury the hatchet, or setting up Sabrina? Hard to tell, but Sabrina is willing to give Loretta the benefit of the doubt here.

One of our readers, MGC was able to interview Loretta and Sabrina separately after the match (but before this page) so let’s check out what happened shall we?

Standing by here, is Loretta Diaz..

1. How’s the feeling after your defeat to "Ultragirl" Sabrina Mancini?
How do you think I feel? Like I blew it! She-DAMMIT! Next question.

2. Do you consider "Ultagirl" Sabrina Mancini’s win a fluke?
Pfft. Duh. What match were you watching?

3. How taste of your first "Ultrasplash"?
It tasted like your Mom. Here’s a question for you: How long did it take for you to get a degree in ‘moron ?’

4. Will you still face "Ultragirl" Sabrina Mancini again, in Rival Angels, if ever happens?
Yes, and I will kick her Ultra-skinny ass!

5. What’s next for The "Latina Chick" Loretta Diaz, since you won’t be entering the T.V. tournament? what’s next for you? aiming for Brenda Rua? or will you go for "Ultragirl" best friend "Shinobi "Lil Dragon" SUn Wong?
"Not in the TV Tournament." Sure, rub it in. You and the entire locker room will find out what I’m going to do, when I want you to find out. Until then, you can sit in the dark with the fans.

6. Any predictions, Jennifer Needles VS "Ultragirl" Sabrina Mancini? who will win?
Sabrina BETTER win. She doesn’t get to drag me down by going out in the first round. I don’t lose to losers; you get me?

Muchas Gracias "Latina Chick" Loretta Diaz.

De nada, feo.


I’m on backstage with winner "Ultragirl" Sabrina Mancini.

First of all congratulation on your 3rd straight victory, and for Finally defeating your rival, "Latina Chick" Loretta Diaz

1. How the feeling of finally beating Loretta Diaz?
Whoooooooooo ! It feels like this big, giant, super ape is off of my back and left behind in the past. Loretta is an awesome talent, and she took me to the absolute limit.

2. How your left elbow? how your torso?
The elbow, the torso, the hair…. it’s all good.

3. Will you face Loretta Diaz again in Rival Angels, if ever happens?
Anytime, anywhere! I will face anyone. And if it’s Loretta again, I know I’ll be in another huge scrap.

4. Let’s say, if Loretta Diaz got that Diaz drop (Pedigree) on you, will you able to kickout?
Her finisher is ‘lights out’ for anyone. I don’t know anyone who’s ever kicked out of it. That said, if anyone could kick out, it would be me……as long as my fans are behind me. We can do anything together.

5. Do you consider this win a fluke?
No. I trained very hard for this, and it was the hardest match of my career. I think it could’ve went either way.

6.Next your opponent is Jennifer Needles are you sure and guarantee that you can beat her? even though you got an injury and surely Katherine Smith and Chloe De Sade will be in Jennifer’s corner, can you handle the odds?
I show up for every match determined to win. In the past, I’ve won and lost and here I am. I can’t predict the future, but I know I’ll always keep fighting and always keep entertaining the fans, for as long as they’ll have me. The odds against me isn’t anything new to me. The real question is what the Hell’s Belles do when they find out that they can’t think as twenty thousand fans are chanting, "UL-TRA-GIRL!"

7. Final words and for the audience supported you, and the audience who booo’ed you?
I LOVE YOU!  * blows kiss to the crowd *

Thank you, "Ultragirl" Sabrina Mancini…


Thanks for the interview questions MGC! 😉

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Or post here, whatever’s clever.