Man, the crowd was able to spur Sabrina and she was SO close!  Loretta was able to head Sabrina’s escape from the camel clutch and I can promise that Loretta is done fooling around with Ultragirl.  Expect Loretta to kick this into gear next episode.

And a little swerve with Brooke and Michael.  It seems that Brooke is in charge of this tryst and whether or not Michael can help Brooke keep her job, its safe to say that Michael is for the time being, taking his lead from Brooke.  I’ve thrown red herrings here and there, but this one is on the level, expect Brooke to be calling the shots when it comes to the Commissioners Assistant.  First the boys at the Lolipop, now Michael.  What is it about Brooke that guys can’t resist?  A buddy of mine DID suggest that Michael is only giving Brooke a mammogram, of the oral persuasion. *groan*

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