Happy Labor Day to all of my American readers, and a happy day to everyone else! 🙂

We take a short break from the match to find out what is going on in the Executive Skybox as well as what happened with Krystin and Brooke after their thrashing at the hands of The Catgirls (back on page 91).  Seems our Upstart girls are still feeling the effects of that one sided match and are only now coming out of it.

Gabrielle is happy with the commercial success of Sabrina, almost putting a higher mark on that, then any ring success that Sabrina has had.  On the one hand, Gabrielle compliments Sabrina on her work ethic and charisma but is non-committal on Sabrina’s chances of actually beating Loretta.

However, seems that Commissioner Gabrielle wants to have a ‘talk’ with Brooke and judging from Michael’s reaction, it won’t be the next T-shirt design for Brooke.  And not to play it close to the vest, its exactly the kind of talk that you think it is, so this could be the beginning of the end for Brooke.  Maybe Brooke makes it out of the arena in time before Michael can drop the summons on her.  Maybe.