I hope its not bad form for saying so, but I like how this page came out, especially that third panel.  That may as well as be the quintessential Sabrina pose.  Banged up, fired up and keeping the fans riled up. XD

If you don’t remember from last page, Sabrina climbed to the top turnbuckle facing away from Loretta, jumped off, did a backflip and landed on Loretta. Crazy move, if you ask me. 😛 As is the case in high risk moves like an outside-of-ring-moonsault, Sabrina banged up your left elbow and instead of showing discomfort, she moved to playing to the crowd as she recouped her elbow.

After all, Loretta got flattened, right? In any case, Sabrina’s getting the crowd worked up and even got Jeff to change his tune about her, even if it might only be temporary.

One more time, that sick moonsault…