Has anyone been hit with a bag of doorknobs before? XD

Sabrina continues her daredevil offense and really throwing caution to the wind. There’s no guarantee that even if Sabrina DOES hit this moonsault, the damage to herself might be just as severe as the damage to Loretta. Of course, Loretta might dodge this, or come up with her own special counter to this. Lots of variables to this high-risk, high reward maneuver.

You can say that Sabrina is reckless, you can say that she really wants to win, or both, but you can see that she’s giving it her all. It doesn’t hurt that the fans are getting their money’s worth and enjoying the show too. Sabrina feeds off of the fans, so she’s really flying, literally.

You can check out the youtube clip below of another reckless superstar doing that same move.  If you check it out, you may need to turn the volume down a tad: