And the end of Chapter 5! This chapter started off on page 35 with a bang and has taken us all the way to this point, not without some twists and turns.

THE UPSTARTS!  I’ll still refer to the foursome as the ‘rookie girls’ from time to time, but it looks like the name UPSTARTS is going to stick, and we have Loretta to thank for crowning them with that name.

So, some of you guessed that Sun wouldn’t ask for anything, and you’re right. It still remains to be seen what’s in store for her, but allow me to dish a bit here, expect her to be matched up on the next card.

We already know that Sabrina is fighting Loretta on the next card and the winner gets into the tournament for the Television Championship! Brooke and Krystin seem a little concerned with their tag team match up against the Catgirls. Its probably the smart money that they don’t take the veteran tag team for granted.

So what will Chapter 6 bring? A small break from the ring, but don’t think for a second that there won’t be any drama, fights or other ill repute. Don’t ya dare miss it!! 😀