HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY for my fellow USA readers!

KLANG! Yowch, Sabrina goes through hell for over half an hour and then gets drilled with a chair? Oy. You remember Loretta Diaz and her challenge from page 21? Seems like she got tired of waiting for a response from Sabrina but in Sabrina’s defense, she WAS kind of busy.

And Brooke does a better job than Krystin of the post match conversation, pointing out the headache that Sabrina gave her. No mention from Brooke about the circumstances of that, i.e. Brooke and Krystin’s plan to injure Sabrina with a double team spike vertebreaker either.

But more pressing things have surfaced to the top of the list for Sabrina, more confrontation from Loretta and Sabrina next time but what about Sabrina’s roommates? They going to stand around in silence or step up?