When it looks like Sabrina gets a reprieve, she gets hit with Krystin’s finishing move, the DivaBreaker! You can see it here on YOUTUBE.

We have another loving exchange, this time between Sun and Brooke. Of course, this could be payback of sorts for Sun, as Brooke was getting the better of their exchanges.

Now with Krystin, you almost get the feeling that she’s been purposely holding back and waiting for the right time to strike, ala Mr. Perfect. And yeah, looks like lights out for Sabrina and Krystin seems pretty happy about that. But the fans are letting Krystin know that they’re not cheering her on.

And do you see the look on Krystin’s face in panel 3?  Like a kid on Christmas morning.

If any of you are in the Milwaukee area, I’ll be doing free sketches on Saturday for Free Comic Book Day at Lost World Of Wonders! I’ll be there from 1pm-3pm along with my cohort, Radames Malave Jr.

AND if that isn’t enough, Randy and I will also be at the Oconocon this Sunday, all day. We’ll have comics, and we’ll have sketches and we’ll be looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. Can you dig it?