As you can see, Sabrina has finally had enough of being polite in the wrestling ring, and Krystin is the unfortunate recipient. And Sabrina is able to parlay her momentum into a pinning combination! She has Krystin pinned for two seconds, just one more second to go and Sabrina wins!

This really hasn’t been a good match for Krystin. She’s not a bad wrestler, but she’s not catching any breaks except bad ones and I think that happens even to the most talented winners.

Funny little story about the Northern Lights Suplex is that whenever I watch wrestling on TV, I always miss it.  For whatever reason, I’m in the next room, or looking away for some reason.  It’s disturbing and most of my friends have been around to see me miss it. 😛

And those of you just coming on, check out the beginning of the match on page 35!