Okay, so I was frontin’ a bit with my last commentary, with the possibility of Brooke looking to lay out Krystin right away. However, they’re a team for two seconds and they’re already failing at the double team moves! Announcer Dawn Ellison seems to think that Brooke and Krystin were planning a Spike Vertebreaker, to end the career of Sabrina. Basically, a Spike Vertebreaker would have the victim’s weight (Sabrina) crashing down vertically onto their head and neck, with additional damage being made by someone (Krystin) pushing down on the opponent’s legs, looking at a few popped vertebrae and possibly a broken neck. But our girls wouldn’t do that, would they?

But here’s Sun to break it up the double team, for now anyways! And really, her disposition is fueled more by fighting Krystin than saving Sabrina, as evidenced by her actions. Unfortunately for Sun, Krystin picked now to utilize her boxing skills and shelving her technical wrestling skills for the moment. Not a horrible move as Krystin is taller and outweighs Sun, so she’s using that to her advantage.

Now, Sabrina’s still in trouble. If she gets nailed with Brooke’s Vertebreaker, even without Krystin helping out, its lights out for Sabrina. Sabrina is working hard, kicking, struggling and wiggling her way out though, isn’t she?

And those of you joining us for the first time, check out the beginning of the match on page 35!