Whooo, that last panel is ominous isn’t it? And you may have noticed that Veronica is no longer the colorist on Rival Angels. She got a great offer from a French publisher (damn them french publishers!) so I’ll be taking over for the time being. Feel free to share your thoughts on the coloring, but please, be gentle. 😛

Right, so Sabrina got to use some of her high flying ability but there is one other in this match that is just as good, if not better when it comes to high flying. Also, a bit of frustration spills over with Brooke and Krystin, but it might be a good thing that they got interrupted. And, no double teaming yet! I can’t figure out if is the egos that prevent them from doing so, or good sportsmanship. What do you think? For those of you just coming on, check out the beginning of the match on page 35!