Right to it! The girls are showing NO fear, there confidence is at an all time high, considering this is their 2nd match individually. We get some expert analysis from announcers Dawn Ellison and Jeff Krew on the competitors and final thoughts on the match.

We see that Sun has a T-shirt already and not afraid to sport it. Also, we have a minor wardrobe change for Sabrina, the white stripes adding a bit of flair. And not the Office Space variety.

Minor note, I have updated the GIRLS page so check it out if you get a chance. New information on our favorite rookies.

Also updated the VOTING INCENTIVE. Take a look at some work by the lovely and talented FoxyK.

Any early predictions for this match? There’s a poll running to the right to vote on who YOU think is going to win this thing. So far, its pretty close.