Ah, the Commissioner ‘forgot’ to make the announcement. Marina (in the orange dress, last panel) has the look like she kinda knew something was up.

In case you don’t know what a FATAL FOUR WAY Match is, its a match with four participants and the first one to score a pinfall, submission, or countout wins. Kind of a tricky thing to do considering you most likely have to incapacitate your three opponents because all four girls are in the ring at the same time!

I hope the announcement of the Fatal Four Way was a surprise. You probably knew *someone* was fighting soon, but I hope the fact that all four of them fighting each other caught you off guard.

The backgrounds were kind of tough on this page and I ended up covering them up with text anyways. Mores the pity!

So, the end of chapter 4! Life outside the ring doesn’t quite have the shine you might think. Doughnuts, booze and parties are fun, but the emotional relationships are rougher road to walk.

Chapter 5 and our four rookie wrestlers get it started on Wednesday! Can you dig it?