Coach is dropping wisdom that Sabrina will carry on to this day and beyond.

Coach is based off of none other than the writer himself, Peter Vine!

Notes from the Author
Speaking of Pete, here’s his thoughts on this page:

What coach is referring to here is the infamous “99 call” during the 1974 British Lions tour to South Africa. The Lions are what we in Rugby would call a “touring side” selected from the very best of the four nations of the British Isles (England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales) can offer. They usually tour one of the big three rugby nations in the Southern Hemisphere: Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They’re famous for wild rugby and wildly varying scores sometimes winning by miles and other times getting pounded but they have a huge following in the UK & Ireland.
South Africa (nickname: “the Springboks”) are well known for being a brutal and highly physical side. Their forwards are big and having a broken nose is usually a pre-requisite for donning the Springbok jersey so naturally they have the physicality of a linebacker and the brutal fighting capability of the very best enforcer an NHL team can provide. So it came as no surprise that in the warm up games during their tour the Lions found themselves being attacked and subjected to random cheap shots of the nature John Cena usually gets in the run up to any Wrestlemania main event 😉
The captain of the Lions side was Willie John McBride, a fine Ulsterman who was inspirational for Ireland in the 1970s and had no time for such “blatant thuggery” and thus over a cigar and a beer came up with a plan to meet fire with fire. He named a call – “99” – and if he called that during a match everyone was to down tools and start fighting. The philosophy was that faced with the prospect of all 15 Lions players fighting he couldn’t send any of them off.
In the event it led to the now famous ‘ battle of Boet Erasmus’ which set the scene for the Lions glorious 1974 series win which has since passed into legend.

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