Hello everyone!

The Kickstarter campaign for the last Rival Angels book, the series finale is now LIVE!

Heaven And Hell

If you plan on pledging, the best thing you can do is pledge early. This will show others who might be on the fence that we’re serious about funding and they’ll be more likely to jump in with us.

And if you don’t plan on pledging, sharing the links and spreading the word is a great way to support the campaign and it doesn’t cost you anything.

As you ‘ll see, we’ll have new versions of some of your favorites for Stretch Goals and I’ve spoken with Mike at New England Female Wrestling about not only getting that last match with Sara and Krystin done, but these new matches by Christmas.

Please feel free to offer up any comments, thoughts or suggestions, especially if it’ll make the campaign that much more awesome.

I’m thrilled to cap off Rival Angels in this way with you guys. It’s really so much fun.



Rival Angels - Season 3 - Series Finale -- Kicktraq Mini