This year’s super successful Kickstarter campaign had a tier where YOU could create a match. Patron and all around nice guy Mayyday snapped up one of those tiers to have us bring forth Kim Hart vs Schoolgirl Sara Valentine. It’s Kim’s sweet disposition and tough attitude against bully mean girl, Sara and as you can see, Kim has a ways to go still.
And you might recall that Kim helped welcome Camille Cote into Rival Angels! 😀
Kim’s bio:

You can find out more about Kim and Mayyday’s other work at his DeviantArt page and if I’m not mistaken, see more of where Kim’s come from and where she’s going.

We’re going to take a short break from the main story to showcase this Kickstarter pages, but we’ll be back with the Upstarts again in no time.

Thanks Mayyday!!


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