Round 2 between the two Women’s Federations crossover in an epic night of action and competition! All of your favorites are in this one! Do you guys remember the last Kickstarter Crossover?

This year’s super successful Kickstarter campaign had a tier where YOU could create a match. Long time friend and Patron stepped up to support Rival Angels in the Kickstarter and on Patreon and the next pages are what he netted. I hope you enjoy!



Monica Rumble vs Trixie Decker

Sara Valentine vs Bunny Cooper

Snow Kitten vs Ivy Armstrong

Danielle Perfection vs Shea London

Brooke vs Sayuki

Crimson Dawn vs Cheerleader Serisette

Krystin Malone vs Mauve Kane

Shannon McCourt vs Lenore Lemarchand

Nevaeh vs Kylie Sanders

Ultradragon vs Scandelous

Brenda Rua vs Abigail Williams



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