At the last Google Hangout we had back on the 11th, while answering your questions and chatting with y’all, I was drawing this image of Krystin against Patreon James’s OC Alicia.

Well, I  finished it, colors and all. For those that don’t know, this is a Triangle Choke and basically Alicia’s own shoulder and arm are working against her, pressing on her neck and along with Krystin’s legs, is under tremendous pressure.

James went the extra mile and created a wonderful little summary for this image. You can catch James on DeviantArt HERE.

“Welcome back to Monday Night Meltdown! If you’re just tuning in, we’re midway through the match between the Definition of Technician Krystin Moline and the Scissor Queen Alicia Wells.”

“It looks more like the end to me, Dawn.”

“Krystin’s  certainly showing her technical skills here, looking for the Gogoplata.
Of course, Alicia’s no novice at MMA from what I hear either so she countered…”

“Only for Krystin to counter her counter. Just. As. Planned.”

“Well, I’m not counting either of these competitors out until the final bell.”

Back  in the ring, things had indeed been seesawing from one fighter’s advantage to the other at the drop of a hat. First Alicia had seemed to have the upper hand, then Krystin, then back to the newcomer and then back to the Rival Angels regular. Both had racked up some near falls, which seemed to have driven them both to greater efforts, but each time one had seemed to be building serious momentum her opponent had managed to derail things.

For the moment at least Krystin was firmly in the driving seat, her legs laced around the Scissor Queen’s shoulder and  neck in a perfectly executed triangle choke. Intent on beating the other woman with her own specialty, an irony DefTech could definitely savour, the brunette bore down on the hold. She might not have the leg
strength to match the redhead’s, a fact to which her aching ribs could attest. But her thighs were more than impressive in their own right and her triangle rapidly had Alicia’s vision blurring as it bit into her carotids like a blunt blade.

Despite the wheeze of her breathing hissing through her teeth, the British woman’s lips were still curled in  the smirk she’d been sporting all night. She’d been grinning whether she’d been dishing out the hurt or on the receiving end and, frankly, it was a little creepy. Nor was she about to just give up – she hadn’t had this much fun for weeks.

With a sudden burst of energy, she-

So what do you think? Does Alicia escape or does she tap  out?