Charlie Rock created these fantastic images of Xtina vs Franchesca York (or is it Josephine?) and a brutal cross arm breaker, as well as in his own words:
“Callista “The Northstar Warrior” vs Sylvie “The Anaconda” Alvarez.
This match takes place in another dimension. A dimension where Superman and Santa Claus team-up against the Red Skull. A dimension where the sum of everyone’s imaginations are greater then it’s individual parts. A place where every world adds a piece to a galactic puzzle. Waiting for someone to stand back and view the emerging picture. A place we call … The Crossover Zone!

Sylvie is a villain in the “Three Seconds to Legend” trilogy”

Charlie along with his wonderful wife, do their own women’s wrestling webcomic, GALAXY WRESTLING ALL-STARS! But with a little bit of a twist…the roster isn’t confined to the world, but open to the entire galaxy! Princesses, demon girls and monster girls. What more could you ask for? He’s got two issues done and I hear the third one is close to being finished. Give it a look!

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