These latest images come from friend, BLACK HAT. You may remember his WAR OF THE ANGELS storyline that ran a year and a half over on the forums. A good afternoon read. 🙂

The Rival Angels Kickstarter for the second half of Season 2 is over 93% of goal! That is freaking amazing!! Thanks to everyone who has supported the new book.

Season 2, Book 2 will collect the last 9 Chapters of season 2, clocking in around 240 full color pages. I’m super thrilled with the progress and not only hope that we’ll hit goal, but some of those Stretch Goals. Whether you want to get the latest book for your collection, or this is your first plunge into Rival Angels merch, take a look! You just might find something for you. Last time we hit 200% of goal!

Rival Angels Season 2 - Book 2 -- Kicktraq Mini

Patreon Rival Angels Hangout Yesterday we had a Rival Angels Google Hangout where I worked on a body scissors image while talking Rival Angels, wrestling and other fun stuff. You don’t have to be a Patreon to join the Hangouts or check out the image I worked on of Lucy Crusher and Valley Doll!