Here is a sassy image I did for Cale over at AFW  between Lucy and Corveena. Corveena had totally dominated Lucy in a prior match, so in a bit of wish fulfillment and wishful thinking, I came up with Lucy trapping Corveena in a Jackknife Matchbook Pin. Ta-dow!

Cale is a 3D artist with his own wrestling ladies. Definitely check his site out if the spirit moves you. Please be aware that there can be some NSFW material there, due to pretty ladies in little outfits.


Sad to see CM Punk lose in his MMA debut, but glad to hear he’ll back. I was pleased that he got such a favorable response from the crowd, both before and after the fight.

And I felt his fight was way more entertaining than Travis Browne and Fabricio Werdum. THAT fight didn’t get interesting until after the fight. Fabricio can’t just attack training staff. It’s off the charts uncool. Also, someone should remind Browne that you don’t get to take time-outs in MMA, no matter how badly your finger hurts.
Or arguably more entertaining than Overeem and Stipic. I mean, I’ve never seen Overeem run like that before, but it seemed like he had a vision of what would happen if Stipic got a hold of him. Then, he acted like a super villain afterwards, saying there was a tap, and loving Joe Rogan for putting him on full blast for the super slo-mo replay. ‘I don’t see the tap, but I’m sure you felt it.’  In Overeem’s defense though, he just got KO’d and it took a while for him to get up off the mat, so he might not have had it all together.


So, I’ve been pimping my PATREON for quite a while now, but for those that don’t know, Patreon is a great way to support Rival Angels and open yourself up to a new world of art, music and other things that make you smile. You don’t need to spend any money to join, and you can follow lots of amazing people and see what they’re up to. You’ve got nothing to lose in checking it out and you might find some really great stuff.
For my part it’s kind of replaced the Voting Incentive, and is a place that I put sketches, pictures and announcements that wouldn’t normally make it here.

TL, DR you can see an advance preview of a Toe Hold Commission I did.

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