Yes, it’s been a long time coming but finally we have the crossover event you’ve been waiting for, The Dreamer and Rival Angels. This idea is a long time coming, since last year’s Wizard World Chicago when I said to my buddy, Michelle, “Hey, wouldn’t that be a laugh of an idea?” She did laugh and mentioned that Brooke might be the envy of several Nathan Hale fangirls. But if I know fangirls (and I do) it’s that they’ll take Nathan any way they can. They can’t get enough!
Nathan Hale stamp

Can you guess the premise of the story?  Maybe, Nathan, Alan and Bea all journey to the future?  Maybe Krystin, Sun, Sabrina and Brooke travel to the past? But for what purpose? Could it have  something to do with Mrs. Betsy Loring and Chloe De Sade? What a team up they’d be! Oh, the possibilities!! What do you guys think?

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