Here is a commission I did for friend and supporter of the site, Veherzak, and his OC Samiya vs. Xtina Carpenter. If you like what you see of Samiya, be sure to check out her BIO PAGE. This move is a bit like what Chloe DeSade used to use for her finisher, the Sweet Agony, but both she and her opponent would be on the ground.

And here’s a description of the action from Veherzak:

Here, we’re looking at a crossover match between ‘Canadian Dynamite’ Xtina Carpenter of Rival Angels and Samiya, the ‘Schoolgirl Assassin’. Pitting a technical fighter in Xtina up against a more acrobatic submission grappler in Samiya, it definitely promises to be an interesting battle.

For the record, Xtina is 5’7” and 130 lbs to Samiya’s 5’2” and 145 lbs.

Unsurprisingly, both women have been spending plenty of time swapping and escaping holds. Samiya turned a jab from Xtina into a near fall from an armbar and Xtina retaliated by nearly squeezing her head off with an expert headscissors. There have also been a couple of close calls with Sharpshooters and various triangle chokes.

Stuff like that. Everyone is feeling a bit stretched out, to say the least.

So maybe it’s a bit understandable that, after a tough bout, someone makes a little mistake. Pulling herself back up, Xtina lets Samiya get behind her. And the next thing she knows she’s got the Schoolgirl Assassin on her back, steel-hard thighs clamped on her sides and her head being wrenched back for the Dragon Sleeper.

This is not a good place to be.

Xtina’s got some pretty serious core strength, so Samiya’s weight on her back isn’t as much of a problem as it might be and she can probably take the pressure on her midsection.

But it’s all sapping her strength and her neck is starting to really feel the pain. Her knees are starting to buckle. If she goes to the mat, it’s going to be tap or nap.

Is this the end of the line for Xtina? Or can she break free before the Schoolgirl Assassin claims another victim?