Here is a fun commission I got to do between FAWN super stars Sydney Deschain and Jenny Jacobs. Here is a link to their match, but you’ll find more where that came from. Be careful of some stray NSFW that lives on the site.


The Kickstarter campaign for Rival Angels Season 2 book 2 has come to a close and we came in at 123% of goal! Now comes the work of putting the book together to include the extras promised as well as a NEW COVER. Thanks to everyone who supported the book. 🙂

Support Rival Angels on PATREON!
PATREON is a crowdsource funding platform to enable fans and readers to support their favorite artists and creators. I’ve finally decided to create a Patreon page with the main goal of investing those funds back into the comic. Have all of the books already? This is a great way for you to help support Rival Angels.

There are also extra-cool incentives for you like next week’s updates TODAY, works in progress and chances to win original art work!

Rival Angels will always be free online and if you’re comfortable with chipping in any amount for any duration, please know it’s hugely appreciated. YOU set the amount you pledge per month and it can be as little or as much as you want, and you’re free to change that whenever you want.


I unlocked a Patreon post that contains a picture I did of Valley Doll and AFW superstar Lucy! Click HERE to check it out!