Here’s an image that I thought I already posted (and apologies if it is a double post) but this is FAWN superstar Trixie working out the kinks in Sara’s back by way of Torture Rack backbreaker. Trixie is not someone you want to get ahead on you. Trixie comes from Sam and you can check out his awesome artwork over on Deviant Art. (Be aware of some mature boobie subject matter).

For the next few weeks, Rival Angels will be on a short break while Tracie and I spend a few weeks in Ireland! I’ll try to keep in touch as best I can and while I’m away, I’ll be posting some fan art, commissions and other fun stuff.
If you feel like keeping up with some of Ireland travels, head on over to Patreon where I’ll be regularly updating over there with the goings ons.



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