This was a FAWN commission I recently did depicting a moment in a long feud between SCANDELOUS (Lucy Harker and Mina Murray) against the The Ríúil Kanes (Moira and Maeve Kane). Here Lucy and Mina are getting the better of the Irish family and putting the hurt on them with a reverse bearhug and a combo half-crab/hairpull.

Here’s a little bit of my art process:
First I sketch it out with a blue line

I think Mina and Moira (on the right) were a little too large and out of perspective in the blueline sketch, but through the power of Photoshop, I was able to get them the right size and in perspective. Once I had that right, I was able to do the PENCILS.

Then, it’s on to the flat colors! Basically, I take the colors and lay them down with no gradients or special effects. This helps if I need to change something later on.

Schedule Break-Call for Fan Arts
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