Here’s a commission I did for Patreon supporter Veherzak of his Original Character, Mari. You can check ‘the Reaper’ out on his Deviant Art page, as well as his assembled roster of heavy hitters and stories.



Rival Angels- Season 3- Double Trouble -- Kicktraq Mini


You guys went and did it, we now have our THIRD Stretch Goal UNLOCKED and that means everyone who pledged $40 or more will be getting TWO Live Action Rival Angels matches! Outstanding!!

Who do you want to see in the next match? I’ve got ideas but I want to hear what you want to see! Since we’re working with New England Female Wrestling on these matches, check out and see if anyone looks like a good match to play a Rival Angels character. I think Maria Manic would be a killer Brooke. Su Yung could be an awesome Sun. Hania as Krystin? The list is a starting place, not limited to, or guaranteed to be available.

Thanks for all of the support everyone! It is truly amazing.

Season 3 (Volume 7) will collect the first 4 Chapters of season 3, clocking in around 145 pages with Stretch Goals.

If you’re here, there’s a good chance that you like Rival Angels so do yourself a favor and look at the campaign. Odds are, you’ll find something there for you. Spread the word about this campaign, if you fancy. The more eyes on the campaign, the better chance it has of succeeding and in that, we all win.





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