I just got back from a fun weekend at Anime Central, Rosemont, IL this weekend and what a great time! If you’re stopping here from meeting me at ACEN, welcome!! Pull up a chair and check out the archive.

Today’s update comes from long time friend, supporter and reader Dyna Mo Chen! You may know Chen from her appearances in the comic or more importantly from the comments and/or the forum.

WWE Weekend
I was busy all weekend and missed NXT Takeover, but got to see Backlash. With the NXT Women’s triple threat match, I was a little underwhelmed at the finish. The Main Event was okay. Backlash’s main event was okay as well. The 6 woman tag was good, and I LOVED Becky’s hair. Straight Fire!! And I thought the finish was fine. Shinsuke and Dolph was pretty good as well as the Uso’s vs. BreezeAngo. Good stuff.