Here’s a commission I got for MYSELF from the awesome and talented YOMITROOPER of Sabrina delivering a Double Knee Strike to the statuesque FAWN superstar, Sayuki. This is actually a play on a commission I did once upon a time. I thought it appropriate that Sabrina gets some payback on Sayuki. XD
Here’s what the commission I mentioned before that this is a companion piece for:
Avalanche- Sabrina vs. SayukiSabrina got pretty squashed in that one. ;)This is a panel inspired from one of the panels on this page:
[link]And the story made it onto the Rival Angels forum:
ocwt_official_logo_by_mayydayy-db0u5nwOC World Tour-nament!
Over on DeviantArt, there is this most excellent 64 woman wrestling tournament compiled of the very coolest OC’s (original character) from around the web. It just so happens that our favorite Aussie bad girl, Brooke is a part of the fun. If you’d like to check out her first match with Rosa and even vote for who you think should win, check it out HERE.
You’ll note our good friend Mayydayy has set this tournament up, putting it on him to do just a ton of illustrations for it. Excellent job, sir.

So, what did you guys think? I marked out SUPER HARD for the tag team match, from the beginning to end. Well played WWE and the New Day for selling it. I was pretty happy with how everything went down for the most part. Besides some great surprises, everything went about the way that it should. Loved the 4-way elimination match with the ladies. Seth looked like the long lost Golden Power Ranger, and the real travesty is that he had to walk down to ringside while Triple H got to ride one of Taker’s rides with his old lady. The mixed tag was not the greatest match, but the finish was sweet.


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