Here is a commission from one of the patrons, and thank you very much for that. I tried a different bit of coloring for this one. It’s based on how I usually color, just taken a little further.
Chloe has not been seen or heard since the end of Season 1 and the honest reason for that is that she got ruined for me. A lot of stuff in the comments back then got caught in my head and I couldn’t let it go, so I cut her out. It wasn’t the wrong choice or a bad choice, but I sometimes wonder if there could’ve been another way.
That said, I did have an idea for Chloe to return. This would’ve been by Gabrielle to combat a heel-Sabrina. There’s only flashes of what I can see of Heel Sabrina and I still don’t think she’d be so dark as to hurt Sun physically, but she’d be a terror. During a Bonus Life Battle Royal, Sabrina would enjoying success but also changing back to a Face. Right before that pivotal moment of becoming face, De Sade’s music would hit and she’d come out. Maybe in white gear? It would freak Sabrina out to no end, realizing instantly what was going on. Who knows what would’ve happened next?



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