Backbreaker! Every patron who pledged $10 a month or more got entered into a drawing for either a 2 person BW or a 1 person full color.
This month, I decided that everyone who is in the Monthly Drawing won! 🙂

This one is for FAWN superstars, Kylie Sanders and Wendy Smith. Usually, Kylie doesn’t do so well in these commissions, but here she’s finally got one up on her ex-friend and rival Wendy Smith, via Backbreaker. Maybe it’s because she cut her hair? XD  Do you think Wendy gives up, or does she escape the backbreaker?

I’ve always been a fan of the FAWN gals and it’s always a pleasure to draw them especially Wendy and Kylie.

Iron Fist
Anyone else watching this series from Netflix? I’m only on the 8th episode, but overall I like it. The writing and the fight scenes aren’t as crisp as I would’ve liked, but for the most part, I like Danny and I love Colleen Wing. She is totally badass. I hope to see more of her, especially in the Defenders.


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