Way back when Lora and I came up with Cocoa Rococo, I knew that Sabrina would meet up with her future frenemy in Japan. Lora had suggested that Sabrina go with an american outfit. I didn’t go with that, but back at 2014 Anime Boston, I asked her what an American outfitted Sabrina would look like and here’s what she came up with. Old school fans will quickly pick up on Lora’s inspiration for some of this American Ultragirl look. 😀

I’m a guest again at this weekend’s KOLLISION CON (TABLE 16) and let me tell you that some of my favorite people are going to be at this show. Not only are we going to have some great books, prints and conversations for you, but we’re also doing some fantastic panels. Here are some of mine this weekend:
Making Webcomics – Part 1: Concept – Friday at 8pm to 9pm in Malpensa (Panels III)
Making Webcomics – Part 2: Creation – Saturday at 4:30pm to 5:30pm in Malpensa (Panels III)
Making Wecomics – Part 3: Monetize – Sunday at 12pm to 1pm in Malpensa (Panels III)