You may recall that earlier in the story, Krystin was good about keeping in touch with her family but not so much for Brooke. Sabrina and Olivia’s stormy relationship has made Brooke pause. Maybe some good can come out of this, if not for the Manicni ladies, then Sabrina’s friends.

This is the end of Christmas Angels. Let’s give Dave a round of applause for all of his wonderful work. Be sure to keep up with him on DeviantArt as I know he’s got big plans for future stories and more amazing art. Thanks Dave!!

This story is certainly not autobiographical, but I’ve never really gotten along with my Dad. Some things we’re polar opposites, other things not so much. I’ve made my peace with it a long time ago, and okay with it. Other people like forcing a round peg into a square hole. This was a story inspired by that though, and had I planned to do Rival Angels for *another* ten years, I would’ve worked it in. Thanks again to Dave for making sure it saw the light of day. I’m super happy with the feedback I’ve gotten and I truly feel its helped me grow as a writer.


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