Krystin definitely seems to like her Mom, but what about the rest? If you’re familiar with Sun’s origin (written by the talented and super handsome Justin Riley) you’ll know there’s some distance there. We don’t know much about Brooke’s family, let alone her Mom, but it’s not all bad. It’s probably on a better level than Merida and her Mom, Elinor from Brave.

Poor Sabrina. She looks a wreck.

And don’t forget, you can check out more of Dave’s wonderful art over on his DeviantArt page. Look around, favorite a few images and maybe leave a comment or two, eh?

Wrestlemania is coming up quick. Whose got a master lock pick for match of the night? Is Harley Bliss going to lose her belt? I’m betting YES, with that crazy stip that she’s got to fight the whole roster. I’m guessing Asuka shows up and steals the match.

Anyone going to be at Wrestlemania or at least Orlando?


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